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Rural tourism in Camprodon

At Mas Tubert you will feel treated as a very special guest and our family will make you feel at welcome and at. This is our life philosophy: enjoy being treated really well and feel at home.
The family Sánchez Bochaca inaugurated mas Tubert at the end of the XX Century. Come and discover it for yourself!


We have seven bedrooms fully equipped with all the facilities you may need. We have large bedrooms, cosy and romantic ones, where we have taken great care in detail and comfort.

In double or family bedrooms, you can sleep on your own, with your partner, your friends, or your children in an interior of wood and stone.

Latex mattresses, double pillow, 400 g Nordic duvets, reading lights… and very adequate bathrooms with all the services required to be a “4 star (espigas) category in Rural Hotels”: Maximum comfort for an unforgettable stay.

Wi-Fi available in all bedrooms and in the house.


Mas Tubert is a XII century house. Its architecture is tainted with history. In the fireplace room, built by Ignasi Tubert in the XVIII century, you can enjoy a fireplace of more than 2 m wide, where tonnes and tonnes of wood have been burning together with stories told by our ancestors. This room used to be the kitchen..

The old stable, reconverted into a “chill out,” invites you to rest in a quiet and cool place, somewhere to talk to your friends and share a few gin & tonics.

The shed upstairs is currently converted into a playroom or somewhere to go and watch a football match on TV, or simply read and relax near your children.

The terrace makes you feel like being surrounded by a forest together with all the services of a 4 star (espigas) Rural Hotel.


Mas Tubert has an open cellar. We do not have a wine list but we carefully select more than a hundred wine labels because we like them and we want to share them with you. You will be surprised at the variety of red, rosé wines, cava and white wine we have in stock.

At Mas Tubert we don’t have house wine yet because as of date, we do not produce it. However, it is our intention and we have a wide experience and can recommend you, if you wish; the wine we think best suits your menu.


  • Full board (from Friday for dinner until Sunday lunch)
  • Children up to 7: 140€
  • VAT. not included in the price
  • NO credit cards
  • Price per person


  • Pensió completa (Ponts i temporada d’estiu)
  • Children up to 7: 70€
  • VAT. not included in the price
  • NO credit cards
  • Price per person